Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Law of Relativity

The Law of Relativity

Energy isn't positive or negative. It can't be judged without comparison. No matter how successful you are, someone will always be more successful at something than you. No matter how grim your circumstances may seem there is someone who would welcome them in contrast to their own. What is simply is. Our judgment is chosen illusion.

No goal, thought, idea or obstacle is large or small, far or near, overwhelming or simplistic until you relate it to something else. The only difference between goals that you believe to be simple to achieve and ones you believe to be challenging is what you believe about them. Are you really where you think you are? Does there have to be that many steps in between you and your goal or is that something you assume? Are the steps truly large or small?

If you change your relationship to a dream you change the attainability of it. If you dissolve the illusion of size, difficulty and distance you come to realize that any goal is equally achievable. The actions you take to attain them may be different but that doesn't make them any more difficult or time consuming. Change your perspective and you change how you relate to your goal. 

Jayne Moffitt is a Bestselling Author, Life Coach and Teacher of Spiritually based success principals.  Her globally based company is dedicated to helping the entrepreneurial spirit achieve success and abundance while embracing fulfillment in every area of their life.  We honor those adventurers, visionaries, catalysts and dreamers who believe they can change the world - because we know they can.   You can learn more about Jayne Moffitt and her work at 

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Evita said...

Hello David!

Fantastic post. Such wisdom cannot be said enough I feel and so thank you for spreading this message. With quantum physics making the leaps and bounds today, it isn't even that "crazy" to talk about these things openly! I love living in these times, and know there is more awakening to come!

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